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For every week that your child (grandchild) signs up for the Blue Streak All Sports Camp at Notre Dame College, get two additional children (friends, relatives, classmates, etc.)  to sign up at the regular camp rate for the same number of weeks that your child attends and your child attends camp for free. 


For example, if you want your child to attend all nine weeks, get two other children to each sign up for nine weeks and you go for free.  Or if your child signs up for one week, get two other children to sign up for that one week and you go for free for that one week.  It is that simple. 


Another approach might be for example, if you bring 2 other kids for 6 weeks and you divide the cost among all three families, it will cost you and the other two families approximately $120 each per week.  Now that is a great deal too. 


The two children you acquire must not have ever attended the Blue Streak All Sports Camp previously.  Before and After Care prices will remain the same as well as swimming lesson.  This deal is good until June 1 of this summer.  If you have any further questions my cell is 440-781-8570.


Tim Baab – Assistant Basketball Coach

Notre Dame College

President – Blue Streak Summer Camps Inc.

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